EMEXIS WEBMAIL is a webmail application based on the SquirrelMail, developed by the BRconnection team.

The EMEXIS WEBMAIL is totatlly free. But counts with the plus of having a company behind the project, working to improve even more the mail solution.

SquirrelMail client is a complete webmail system, but the concern of make it compatible with many browsers and systems, its interface became a little impaired. With the intention of solve this deficiency was developed the EMEXIS WEBMAIL, that counts with all functionalities of original Squirelmail but with an interface much more friendly for the user.

The EMEXIS WEBMAIL uses mostly the mechanisms for handling messages from Squirrelmail. The EMEXIS WEBMAIL function is only to treat the user interface improving this way the usability and the viewing.

Just like the Squirrelmail it is available for any core but are necessary some requirements as the Apache, PHP 5 (or superior) and the SGBD PostgreSql.

The EMEXIS WEBMAIL is written in PHP 5 and Ajax.

The BRconnection and its retailers provide a qualified team for customer's support.

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